International Schools’ Athletic Conference (ISAC)


  1. Mission

Our mission is to provide regular quality athletic competition in a well-chaperoned environment for the students of international schools of Kuala Lumpur.  It is a priority to develop an authentic sports league that is meaningful through its accountability and transparency.  Authenticity and transparency is defined as a league where all events are run according to highly regulated standards and restrictions, where fixtures are scheduled and posted on official school calendars before their publication, and where school administrators, coaches, athletes, parents, community members, and league officiating crews are provided with detailed league rules, expectations, and schedules in advance of a given campaign.

B.     First Year Goals

  1. Secure the commitment of 4 international schools in KL with senior programs
  2. Agree on a handbook to detail the organization rules and expectations
  3. Secure dates, budgets and other logistics to launch the league in the 2007/8 school year
  1. Membership Guidelines and Criteria

  • Provision of a school contact for attendance at all league meetings and for the day to day administration of league details within their schools.
  • Provision of regulation facilities or be willing to rent accordingly.
  • Sensitivity to the conflicting philosophies and schedules of member schools for matters of program development and fixture scheduling.
  • Provision of a coach for every participating school team.
  • Strict adherence to all details provided in the handbook.
  • Commitment to develop in their schools a philosophy of sportsmanship and fair play as detailed in the handbook.
  • Commitment to develop teams in all the ISAC sports

Full membership status will be reviewed annually at the spring AD’s meeting.   The only guarantee for schools to retain full membership is their strict attention to the details of the membership criteria.

D.     List of Full Members

Mount Kiara International School (MKIS)

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

The Garden International School (GIS)

The Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School (KLASS)

  1. Probationary  Members

Probationary members are schools participating in their probationary year. These schools are not given a vote.

  • N/A
  1. Potential Members

Potential members are schools that have expressed interest in, or identified as a good match, for ISAC.

  • N/A

  1. Membership Inclusion

Potential members seeking full league membership should spend one year as a probationary member.  During this year their goal is to complete a full complement of  home/away fixtures with member schools in every sport as “friendly” fixtures. This serves to introduce these schools to the rigors of ISAC membership: financial, logistical, and time commitment for the AD.

Qualification to the season ending ‘finals’ not permitted during the probationary membership year.

At the conclusion of the probationary year, probationary members may be voted in as full members at the spring ISAC meeting.

  1. Sports

League Play

·        Football, Basketball, Softball

  1. Age Restrictions

The league is designated as “open”.  Schools may use any athletes available to them given that they are registered as full time students at the school and are no older than 18 years of age as of August 1st of any new school year.

  1. School Uniform Colour: Mascot:

MKIS – black/orange                                       Tigers

ISKL – blue/yellow                                          Panthers

GIS – sky blue / navy                                       Dragons

KLASS – green/black                                      Spartans

All teams must be equipped with a home and away uniform.  The home uniform is predominantly “light” colored while the “away” uniform is “dark”. Uniforms must pass federation standards for the given sport.

  1. League “Seasons”

All seasons must end one week before the relevant IASAS of SEASAC event (whichever comes first).

Season 1 – Soccer

Season 2 – Basketball

Season 3 – Softball

  1. League Format

  • Double round robin with each team playing one game at home and one game as a visitor with every other team. Standings are established. At the end of league play, the top two teams qualify for the ‘championship’ game, while the bottom two teams play the ‘consolation final’ for third place.
  • The championship and consolation finals are hosted by the league’s top ranked team. They are responsible for field and referee bookings, award purchases, and event information distribution.

If a member school fails to comply with the pre-scheduled obligation, the game will be forfeited.  Having said this, circumstances beyond our control are understandable and all AD’s should be flexible and work to reschedule games in the event of force majour.

Match lengths are not to be shortened, nor rules changed during pre-match agreements between coaches.  The rules are listed in this document and all matches must use these rules.  Transportation should be arranged to accommodate adequate warm-up and official match lengths.  In the event of inclement weather, matches are ended, continued or replayed at a later date according to the sport federation rules.

It is the responsibility of the host school to ensure league match reports (appendix) are filled out and submitted by the referees.  These should then be sent to the KL Metro League chairman for league standing updating.

M.   League Tie-Breaker System

1. head to head, 2. volleyball set/basketball point/soccer goal differential head to head, 3.volleyball set/basketball point/soccer goal differential over the tournament, 4. volleyball point differential head to head, and 5. volleyball point differential over the tournament.

  1. Hosting Responsibilities

  • Quality venue – defined as in the federation rules – renting is appropriate
  • Adequate time for the game
  • Proper officiating and administration of the games – games must use certified officiating crews.
  • Awards – see “P”
  • Invoicing the other schools for costs of the ‘finals’ – costs are divided equally between participating teams
  • League results must be recorded by the referee on official federation score sheets (see appendix). Score sheets should be signed by both coaches as per federation protocol.
  • All score sheets must be faxed to the league chair to update league standings.

  1. Awards

  • All participants should receive a medallion: champions, finalists, third place, or participants. Four trophies per tournament are awarded: first place, second place, third place, and participation.
  • All trophies and medallions must feature “ISAC”.
  1. Funding

All team costs (uniforms, coaching stipends, equipment purchases, and practice or game facility rentals) are the responsibility of the school. The home school should also supply referees when hosting league fixtures.  Schools should be prepared to pay a final tournament fee to the host school.  These monies are to cover all costs involved with the tournament including the awards.  The tournament expenses are divided equally between the number of teams attending and the host school.

  1. League Chairman

1.      Appointment

The position of league Chair is by election every two calendar years.  Elections are held at the spring AD’s meetings.  Full member school AD’s are permitted to one vote each.

2.      Duties

1.  Establishing an agenda for the meetings

2. Prior to the meetings, fax or email an agenda to the schools

3. Serve as the facilitator of these meetings

4. Organize the purchasing of awards at the Fall Meeting

5. Prepare minutes of meetings and fax or email to league schools within two weeks.

6. Maintain and update league handbook.

7. Schedule and chair one annual meeting with the league heads of school.

8. Facilitate the ongoing improvement and refinement of the league and its competitions.

T. Match Rules




  • FIBA rules except:

1.      8 minute quarters, 10 minutes halftime break, 24 second shot clock in effect

2.      Max. roster size of 12

3.      Ties are settled by overtime periods of 5 minutes until the game is won as in the FIBA rules

4.      Team foul blocks and personal foul paddles

5.      Size 6 basketball for girls.  Size 7 for boys.


  • As in the I.S.F. rule book
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